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Overwatch hero win rates

We feel that he lacks the utility of tanks like and Winston who simply accomplish more when they dive into the opposing team with all their damage mitigation tools.
More great Overwatch guides: Tier 4 Mei Defense Not only does Mei have a whole truckload of annoying crowd-control abilities to frustrate the enemy team with, she can also summon down a massive wall of ice that provides a super-annoying barricade for your future victims.
Widowmaker Defense An extremely accomplished Widowmaker player can cause the enemy team a huge number of headaches, but played strictly solo she can be a somewhat fiddly and fragile character to dominate with.Shes a super flexible pick whos able to wrench her allies out of danger while increasing her power at the same time.If you've been tracking it, comment below with your win rates!She's another highly situational character who can make a big difference in certain circumstances, but she's a tough pick to make an argument for from the get-go.This hero comes with a caveat, however, in that you'll need quick reactions to succeed in just about any of the many duels you're likely to find yourself.
She's great in all departments, but it's her ability to do it all that makes her so strong.

He's definitely a Support worth considering if Moir or Ana isn't working out for you.Having said all this, there's a better DPS for almost every situation currently (Hanzo for burst, Genji for flanking) and that's why he's in the lower rungs of this tier list.McCree Offense We really enjoy McCree's point and click style.With all this said and done though, it's fair to say ocbc branch raffles place that some heroes prove more consistently useful than others when it comes to contributing to a wide variety of team compositions.It's hard to say where Wrecking Ball stands, even after being present in the meta for a good few weeks now.League of Legends, win rates for the vast majority of champions tend to hover right around.Reinhardts back in a big way and his pick rate is currently through the roof at all levels of play.Once numbers get this high, hero balance might start to become a question.Winston - Winston's proof that the dive comp can work, but you've got to be a tightly coordinated team to pull it off.The second edition of our tier-by-tier evaluation of the Overwatch hero roster for Season.